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"If two guitarists play in the same way, at least one of them is doing something completely wrong"
- Quote from Pieter van der Staak, founder of Stichting Gitaarweken / International Guitar Festival Zwolle -

For almost fifty years, we have had the privilege to organize the International Guitar Festival Zwolle. During many of these years, we have been able to do that in a concept we strongly believe in. It is this process of developing unique talent, on any level, that will never stop to excite us. No words can explain the atmosphere where people from numerous different countries, from totally different backgrounds and cultures meet, share their passion and inspire each other to perform on a level they didn't even think was possible. It has been one of the greatest privileges to be part of it, and we feel honored by the many friends we've gained. Friends that made the festival to what it was.

In the past few years however, the festival was confronted with a major reduction of its budget. Unavoidably, activities have had to be reduced. Both the board and the festival organization have been working hard to make this a temporary issue, and to find a solution to the drastically changing conditions. Unfortunately, it has slowly become clear that working hard isn't enough. The options to turn the tides have dried out. For sure we will not be able to meet our ambitions by far in the near future. Both the board and the organization therefore came to the conclusion that it is better to say it ends here. Better than to be forced to slowly forget who we are and what we stand for.

We feel privileged by the great team we've been working with for the past few years, It has been truly awesome working together, in an always open, creative and realistic way, always loyal to what we stand for.

To all our guests over the years, the many participants, numerous artists, former board members, funds and friends, and to whom we might forget to mention, to all of you we say thank you and take care! You made the festival an awesome, inspiring, connecting and sometimes touching event.



Production group:
Grace van Dorsten
Sjors Holleboom
Jacob Vlijm

Bert Smit (chairman)
Tineke Steenbrink (secretary)
Jacob Vlijm
Festival director:
Jacob Vlijm



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